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A new twist on School Spirit!

This summer at TNNA, I had the opportunity to meet a real go-getter. 

This woman was friendly, bubbly, and passionate about her craft.  We spent three days in the Brown Sheep Company booth together, visiting with current and potential customers and enjoying being surrounded by others that share our passion for all things fiber related!  One thing that amazed me about her is that through all the excitement and busyness of the trade show, she was constantly knitting.

This lovely lady Iím speaking of is Melanie Cross of Camas Creek Yarn.  Melanie and her husband, Andy Hurst, have spent the last three years acquiring the rights to be able to develop patterns that replicate branded logos for collegiate sports teams.  This has been no small undertaking.  Each college has specific guidelines regarding their Pantone color and logo design, as well as a licensing and royalty fees paid by Melanie and Andy.  In the search for a USA made yarn that supported a wide variety of Pantone colors, Melanie contacted Brown Sheep Company.  Though others had come to us in the past with similar ideas, Melanie was the first person to actually go after this project, become officially licensed and make it a reality.

Kits are available for 26 colleges to date, with more being added each year.  When asked how she chooses to add a new college to her line up, Melanie says that some is based on requests from knitters who have seen her kits.  There are over 180 institutions under the umbrella of the Collegiate Licensing Company, and Melanie is going after them one by one.

Kits are available in beanies, button beanies, scarves, mittens, and Christmas stockings.

Check out the current schools represented at the Camas Creek Yarn website at and ask your local yarn store to carry her products.  Ordering can also be done online.

Brown Sheep Company is pleased to have partnered with Melanie and Camas Creek Yarn to promote school spirit and the joy of knitting across the USA.