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An Unexpected Gift

Pat retired this summer after having worked at Brown Sheep Company for the past seven years.  She retired from

wrapping and labeling, though she worked many different jobs during her years with us.  Her favorite position was in the dying room because she loved seeing all the different colors of yarn coming out of the dye pot.  Pat also says that one of her favorite things about working here was the people she worked with.

After she had been gone for a couple of weeks, she surprised us by coming in one afternoon with a gift bag.  She said that it was a special gift for the entire Brown Family, something she had been working on for some time.  Pat doesn’t knit or crochet, but she loves fiber and she loves to bead.  Here is what she presented us with:

Isn’t it sweet?  She used seed pearls for the sheep, and roving for the state of Nebraska and for the white background.  The colorful “grass” in front is waste yarn she collected in the mill.

Thank you so much for the lovely gift, Pat!  It hangs with pride in our mill store.  Make sure you look for it the next time you come to visit us.