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And the Winners Are. . . .

The National Needlework Association, or TNNA, is an event that showcases to retialers what is new in the needlework industry. 


We just returned home from this event last Tuesday, and we are so excited about what was accomplished at this show!


It was so much fun to reconnect with the shops that have carried Brown Sheep Company yarn for many years, and we made some new friends in shops that have chosen to stock Brown Sheep Company for the first time.

Brown Sheep Company has such a wide variety of yarns available, and this year we promoted our yarns that your local yarn store many not carry.  We offered a 20% discount on any new line of yarn that was brought in with a small $300 investment!  We were overwhelmed with how well this promotion went over at the show!  In order to give all of our retailers the same advantage, we are continuing to offer this special until the end of July.  Find out more through your rep, or see our website for a listing of all of our yarns.  If there is a yarn that you would like to see your local yarn shop carry, now is the perfect time to ask them to do so!

We also had a contest going on in our booth.  Each current account was asked to put their name into a drawing.  Two lucky shops are going to win $100 in free yarn!  The "most lucky" person, though, is going to witn FREE SHIPPING from Brown Sheep Company for an ENTIRE year!  What a contest!

Would you like to know who won?

Drum roll, please. . . .

Cornerstone Yarns of Richfield, Ohio and yarns etc. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina both won $100 in free yarn!

The winner of free shipping for a year is Knitting Today of Wolcottville, Indiana. Tera McGregor of Knitting Today thinks that winning this drawing "is awesome!" and Kathryn Sutherland of Cornerstone Yarns said she had "never won anything before.  Thank you!"  This was a really fun contest.  Thanks so much to all who participated.