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Getting Into the "Swing" of Things!

A few years ago at TNNA, we were introduced to a new technique called Swing-Knitting TM.  Every time we walked by the booth to admire the beautiful items486 displayed, the instructor was surrounded by people, sometimes three and four deep, taking a quick introductory lesson on this German short row technique.



30 Day Sweater Challenge!

Made in America: Why You Should Knit Your 30 Day Sweater with Brown Sheep Yarns


The Brown Sheep company is a tried and true American success story. Theirs is a story of a 100 year old ranch and a sheep farmer that came upon hard times. That farmer sought out other avenues to make his farm work for him and before too long decided to spin his wool into yarn. After procuring mill equipment he put it all together (without instructions) and in a few months time taught himself to create yarn. The story doesn’t end there, he then drove around and peddled yarn until he his yarn business was successful. Now the “little mill that could” has grown to include 15 yarn lines and an incredible array of colors.


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