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Brown Sheep Company Mill Store

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The Brown Sheep Company Store has been open since it was added onto the mill in 1983.  It serves a great purpose in our community – it’s the only local yarn shop for about 100 miles!  The mill store stocks “seconds” from the mill; and patterns, books, needles and socks from other vendors.  A second is determined in many ways, such as if the dye is inconsistent through the yarn, if the color doesn’t match the color card, or if there are too many knots tied per skein.  We have chosen to only stock seconds in the store so that we continue our promise to not compete with our retail customers.

The benefit of living locally and being able to shop at the mill store is the price.  Seconds prices are roughly the wholesale price for a “first” skein of yarn.  Another benefit is

seeing all the wonderful handpaints that our handpainter tries out when developing new color ways.  Because these hanks are one-of-a-kind and generally not reproduced, they are not offered to our retail customers for purchase.

The store is stocked twice per week by a part-time employee, Sadie Robbins.  She keeps the store looking inviting for our customers.  She often spends her time helping customers looking for just the right color of yarn, or helping them with knitting projects.

Tracy Kreie and Amy Kephart, our in-house sales representatives, enjoy meeting customers from all over the world that come into the shop.  A guest book is kept by the counter so that people can tell us where they’re visiting from.  They often leave comments about their experiences with Brown Sheep Company yarn, as well.  It’s a real treat to see that our yarn is being used and enjoyed all over the world.

The next time you’re in Mitchell, Nebraska, stop by and see us at the Brown Sheep Company Mill Store.