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Credit Where Credit is Due

This blog is about more than our company. It is also about those who help make us great. Brown Sheep Company would not be what it is today without two things: our customers and our suppliers. This post will focus on the latter. We would like to briefly showcase the people who supply us with the high-quality raw wool that we transform into the finished product our customers have come to love.

Nestled in the foothills of the mountains straddling the borders of Colorado and Wyoming is the headquarters of the operation.Hillside_sheep

During the summer, sheep range the highlands feeding on the hardy grasses, and growing thick woolly coats. In the spring they range down to the lowlands where their winter coats are sheared off and a whole new population of lambs is born. Here the freshly sheared sheep lounge on a hillside before being taken back to pasture. This is where we found ourselves this spring when we gladly accepted an invitation to tour the shearing operation in full swing.


These sheep are a Rambouillet-Columbian mix.


Thanks to the zealous and skillful work of the Pyrenees and Border Collies, the herd of 7000 sheep walk into the pens in orderly (if smelly) lines. With the size of this operation, they can process about 1600 sheep per day, so it takes 4 days to shear the entire flock.


They march in single file until the chute spits them out on to the shearing platform where their thick winter coats are shorn off.

Baler_2                  wool_baler

The fleece is stuffed into a baling machine that compacts the wool into tight bales for storage and shipping.


In this case we bought all the wool. It was good quality—23-24 micron count on average.


Once the wool is baled, we take a core sample and send it to a lab in Denver where they analyze it for qualitative markers and return a full report to us so we know how to best incorporate it into our product lines.

We are excited to have this friendly family-run operation working with us to keep good quality, made-in-the-USA products rolling off our production lines. Thank you to all our suppliers who work hard to show the world that this country can, and does produce top-quality products and service.