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Getting Into the "Swing" of Things!

A few years ago at TNNA, we were introduced to a new technique called Swing-Knitting TM.  Every time we walked by the booth to admire the beautiful items486 displayed, the instructor was surrounded by people, sometimes three and four deep, taking a quick introductory lesson on this German short row technique.


After seeing the vibrancy of the instructor and the enthusiasm of her students, we pursued finding out more about this technique for ourselves.  Our first step was to introduce ourselves and our yarn to the instructor, Brigitte Elliot.  Seeing how much color was used in this Swing-Knitting TM technique, we gave her some bright colors of our Cotton Fleece to play with.  Brigitte’s response?  “I love it!  The stitch definition is wonderful.  The feel of the yarn is cottony-soft and has body and memory.  The colors are also vibrant because of the nature of the fibers and how they receive the dyes.  Yummy!  Not only are your yarns beautifully made but they are made in the U.S.A.!”  We then invited Brigitte to the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair, and she was able to attend this past September.  She taught two classes for us, and they were very well received.

swing knits cotton fleece


However, those of us who had been admiring Brigitte’s work for so long were unable to take the classes at the fair.  To our great surprise, she had scheduled another weekend class close to our home the following weekend, and we were able to attend a wonderful class sponsored by Penny Franz from Ewe Count in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Brigitte and her teacher, Heidrun Liegmann-Halama, spent three days teaching nine of us the intricacies of her Swing-Knitting Workshop 3, and for one special attendee, The Dreambird Workshop.  We had a wonderful time learning this technique of German short rows and dreaming up what other wonderful things we could create in the very near future. (I’m thinking of trying a baby girl blanket in the soft Cotton Fleece next.)


473Here are just a few photos of the work we did, and some future inspiration, too!  Check out this great resource on Ravelry group:  Knitting-The-Swing, and choose a class for yourself!  They are available for web purchase, and there are many willing helpers on the Ravelry group, should you have any questions.















474  Hand Dyed Brown Sheep yarn

481  Learning how to weave in ends

477  The Scottsbluff group.