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Our Charity Knitting Project

We host “Knit Night” for our community at the Brown Sheep Company Mill Store once a month, and have for about four years now.  When Knit Night began,

I was still a relatively new knitter, and it was such an encouragement to get together with other stitchers and see what they were making, pick up on tips and tricks from other, more accomplished stitchers.  At that time, I could hardly think of knitting for others, as I was having so much fun knitting for myself and family members.  But as most people can attest to, over time, things change.  One of our attendees brought forward the idea of knitting neck gators and helmet liners for our troops, which was a great way to show support for the men and women who serve our country.  We received permission and guidelines for these projects from military officials and “got to knitting!”  It was so wonderful to be stitching together for a common cause that it was almost addicting!  We sent box after box off to military personnel who could benefit from our handmade gifts, and we felt like we were doing something for our nation’s cause.  Over time, that particular need dwindled.  Now what to do for a common cause?  Enter our local Project Linus coordinator. 

charity blanket 640x478 For the past year, we have had a dedicated “Charity Knit Night” in addition to “Regular Knit Night” at the mill store.  We have worked on making blankets for children from birth to age 18 through Project Linus.  The majority of these blankets stay in our community, and are given away by many different organizations to children in need.  In our small group alone, we have donated over 50 blankets in the past 12 months, and the project is going strong.  In 2013, we concentrated efforts in knitting or crocheting blocks that were 7x9” and then stitched them all together to make crazy quilt styles.  This year, we’re concentrating on 14x18” blocks in coordinating colors for more of a patchwork quilt style.  Making small blocks like this lets everyone get involved, even those with limited stitching time, and helps us all to be involved with showing love and compassion to our community.  What do you do for your community?  Is there a need you and your knitting group can fill?  Write a reply on our Facebook page at and let us know what you do.  Who knows, maybe next year, we’ll adopt your idea!

Darla doesn't want to give up this beautifully crocheted Granny Square to Project Linus, she has claimed it for herself!charity knitting - copy