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Spring 2012 Brown Sheep Original Patterns

Brown Sheep Company has long been known for producing great yarn, but did you know. . .

that we’re in the pattern business, too?  In 2003, we began our own pattern line called “Brown Sheep Originals.”  They would include patterns in most every line of yarn, something new and fresh for the coming year.

Over time, however, the yarn making process has taken more and more time and energy because of the vast expansion we have made to our yarn lines.  What does that mean?  It’s time for a change!  We have simplified the pattern designing process for ourselves by acquiring designs from experts in the field that focus on just one of our yarn lines at a time.  For the Spring of 2012, we are pleased to introduce you to four wonderful new patterns featuring Serendipity Tweed yarn by two wonderful designers, Melissa Leapman and Diane Zangl.

Diane Zangl

 melissa_033-1pr photo

Melissa Leapman, Photo by Heather Weston

I asked these ladies what they liked the best about designing with Brown Sheep yarn.  Their answers were surprisingly similar.  Diane says, “I really like the fact that the yarns stay in production so long. So often now, a yarn will be around for 6 months, then disappear. It's nice not to have to be constantly revising designs. I also love the wide color ranges in each yarn line.”  Melissa’s comment was, “One of the best things about designing with Brown Sheep Company's yarns is the incredible variety of colors that are available.  While working on my two recent color knitting books, Color Knitting the Easy Way and Mastering Color Knitting (Potter Craft, 2010), I needed to photograph yarn balls to become part of a color wheel. Brown Sheep's Naturespun Worsted was my go-to yarn of choice. The color range includes every hue in the rainbow! It's a designer's dream come true!”                                                                                                                             


Because both Melissa and Diane have designed for us before, I wondered if they have a favorite yarn to use while designing.  Melissa’s thoughts were, “I enjoy designing for (and knitting with) Cotton Fleece probably the most. It has superior stitch definition, is resilient for cable knitting, and is soft and perfect for year-round wear. Serendipity Tweed, of course, has many of these same properties but is a tad heavier.”  Diane, too, had a difficult time narrowing it down to just one line with an answer of, “I'd have to say Nature Spun, both the worsted and sport weights. But Lamb's Pride has been one of my favorites ever since it first came out 29 years ago, and for warmer weather Serendipity Tweed and Cotton Fleece are great. Sorry -- I just couldn't narrow it down to one!”  If any of these are lines you haven’t tried for yourself, now is a perfect time with spring and warmer seasons just around the corner.

On to the new designs.  Are you ready to have a sneak peak?  These patterns were introduced at TNNA earlier this week in Phoenix, but you get the first look outside the trade show!  Melissa gives us the Lori, Lucinda, and Lynette Pullover, and from Diane we are pleased to introduce the Isabella Jacket.  Aren’t the colors and textures wonderful?  Look for these patterns in coming weeks at your Local Yarn Store.

Lori Pullover                                                                                                            Isabella Jacket



Thanks to Melissa Leapman and Diane Zangl for taking the time to give us an insider’s look at their favorite Brown Sheep yarns.  Look for them both in upcoming months as being featured designers here on the Brown Sheep Company Blog.  For more of Melissa’s Brown Sheep designs, visit and  Check out one of Diane’s favorite patterns, the Hudson Bay Jacket in the #80 edition of Knitter’s.  Diane will have her own line of patterns, called Stitch Witch Designs, on Patternfish later this year.

Lynette Pullover                                                                                                          


dsc_0211Lucinda Pullover