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Summer Contest Wrap-Up

We hope you have enjoyed our Fun Summer Contest as much as we have here at Brown Sheep Co! The projects submitted were all creative, unique, and a true celebration of art. It is exciting to see what happens to our product when it is placed in a fiber artist’s hands. We want to thank each and every one of you for your submission and participation in our contest. One of the highlights for us was seeing how our yarn is crafted  by youth and adult alike to support a cause, whether knit/crocheted for soldiers, puppies, AIDS victims, cancer research, or simply to fulfill your creative drive we are delighted that you are using Brown Sheep to touch the wider world.

There were three beautiful pieces of work that garnered a lot of “likes.” We contacted the artists of these pieces and asked for more details so we could share a little more about their work.

Lynn, created a hat that some of the comments referred to as: gorgeous, beautiful, creative, wicked, and a masterpiece! She used Brown Sheep Company Burly Spun yarn. The “Sally hat” received 149 “likes” on Facebook.

Natalie put a lot of work into a detailed set of figures. The pattern is from Freddie's Blanket by Joanna Johnson She knit Freddie, his coveralls, May, her dress and the doll size blanket. The body and Freddie and May use Serendipity Tweed in Nebraska Wheat, the bill and arms and legs use Oregano Leaves for Freddie and Chocolate Lily for May. The blanket uses Sunflower Yellow, Oregano Leaves, and Teal Orchid. All were knit for her little boys’ 4th and 2nd birthdays and were gifted to them with the book, which they love. They take turns sleeping with the crew! Freddie and May and Freddie's Blanket received 184 “likes” on Facebook.

And the winner is…”Baby Set” by Jaymee!  Jaymee came across Brown Sheep yarn at a local yarn shop on Allen Washington. She does not use patterns for her crocheting, but crochets them by a visual picture and then works hard to make the piece in her hands match what is in her head. Well this one turned out well. Fans of this set called it “adorable,” and “way too cute.” While they could have been referencing the baby in the picture…we know they were talking about her work! Thank you, Jaymee, for sharing your talent with others who love to work with fiber. “Baby Set” received 228 “likes” on Facebook.

Please continue to send us photographs of your work! We will transfer the photos from the contest album to a new album of featured works. We do love to feature our customers' work on Facebook! Also, check back often for updates. We are already planning our fall contest. We’ll give you a hint: it will involve a sneak peak at our new colors for 2012!