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The Debut of Lana Boucle

It takes years to develop a new line of yarn.  Development takes time, as well as market research

to see what is needed in the marketplace.  Brown Sheep Company yarns are known as being workhorse and “go to” yarns to the stitching community.  When the decision was made to bring on a new line of yarn, we wanted to make sure the new yarn would be a classic, not trendy; one that would go the long haul and be an addition to our traditional, hard-working yarns.

Texture is intriguing, both to see and to touch.  It makes the stitches “pop!” when one looks at them, and one’s fingers tickle when touched.  So, what can we do with both texture and durability?

Boucle: A type of yarn, usually three ply, and having one thread looser than the others that produces a rough-textured cloth.  From the French, “to curl”.

We chose to create Lana Boucle, a companion yarn to Lanaloft.  Lana Boucle knits at the same gauge as Lanaloft, so it’s an easy transition from one yarn to the other in the same sample_c

The colors also coordinate from one line to the other for striking variation of texture while keeping the coordination of the fibers.  Currently, there are 25 colors of the Lana Boucle, including three hand paints.  Click here to see each color that’s available, as well as clicking on the hand paint colors to see how they look knitted up.  Melissa Leapman recently designed a few patterns using Lana Boucle, and she says, “I adore Brown Sheep Company's new Lana Boucle yarn. It has all the texture we expect from boucle construction without the hard-to-knit and messy loops. It's a designer's--and knitter's!--dream come true!”  We have added Melissa’s patterns here for you.  There is another pattern for purchase available here on our new “Now Featuring” page.  Take a moment to see what Lana Boucle has to offer.  It has been very well received in the marketplace, and we are excited to see what you choose to create with it.