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Lana Boucle (31)

Wool Boucle with an Attitude
Lana Boucle

Burly Spun (47)

Fastest in the West
Burly Spun

Cotton Fleece and Fine (58)

Wonderful Handle and Drape
Cotton Fleece and Fine

Handpaint Originals (9)

Rich Hue, Silky Sheen
Handpaint Originals

Lamb's Pride (102)

A Staple with Extreme Versatility
Lamb's Pride

Lamb's Pride Superwash (61)

Wide Array, Machine Washable
Lamb's Pride Superwash

Lanaloft (74)

100% United States Grown

Legacy Lace (18)

A Whole New Dimension to Lace
Legacy Lace

Nature Spun (83)

Fingering, Sport, Worsted, Chunky
Nature Spun

Serendipity Tweed (40)

Fresh Look, Excellent Handle
Serendipity Tweed

Shepherd's Shades (73)

Shading as Easy as 1-2-3
Shepherd's Shades

Top of the Lamb (24)

Rugs Woven by the Navajo Nation
Top of the Lamb

Waverly Wool (86)

Ideal for Needlepoint
Waverly Wool

Wildfoote Luxury Sock (47)

Wildfoote Luxury Sock